Tele2 loses billion kronor legal dispute

Tele2 must pay a billion kronor plus interest to competitor Telia Sonera, following a judgement delivered by Stockholm district court on Tuesday.

The verdict relates to fees that Tele2 must pay for calls that start in Tele2’s network and end in TeliaSonera’s fixed and mobile networks.

In a press statement, Tele2 wrote that it maintains its view that TeliaSonera is the net payer in the dispute over joint traffic.

Now Tele2 is awaiting a judgement from the administrative court of appeal. The company said that the result does not affect its results or cash flow.

Nor will the decision affect TeliaSonera’s operating results, although the payment will have a positive effect on cashflow.

“This has been a long and drawn-out process and it is positive that the Court has now established TeliaSonera’s right to receive payment for what it has delivered to Tele2,” sais Marie Ehrling, head of TeliaSonera Sweden.