Paedophile still on the run

A 27 year old convicted sex offender who escaped from the secure psychiatric unit in Huddinge last Thursday is still on the run.

In a telephone call with Södertörn police on Monday the man said he would return to the institution on Tuesday, but he never showed up. Police have had no further contact with him and say they do not know where he is.

He was allowed out of the hospital south of Stockholm to visit a nearby shop.

The 27 year old has several convictions for sex crimes against both children and adult women. In March last year he was sentenced to secure psychiatric care for a sex attack on a five year old girl.

Jeanne Ahlberg, the head of the psychiatric care department in Huddinge, said that while he was not considered dangerous in the short term, it was “impossible to be 100% sure”.

“All sex offenders have a high risk of re-offending if they are not in a structured routine,” she said.

The 27 year old comes from south Stockholm, where he committed most of the offences for which has been convicted.

According to police, the man’s method is to actively seek out his victims, to whom he then exposes himself.

TT/The Local