Swede denies Bosnian terror charges

A 19-year old Swede being prosecuted for terror offences in Bosnia has denied the charges against him.

“All the accusations are false and I am not guilty,” the Swede said as he was given the opportunity to react to the charges in a court in Sarajevo, where he is being charged along with two others.

The other men, a Turkish citizen from Denmark and a 29-year old Bosnian, have also denied the charges. The prosecutor claims that they had prepared an attack against a European country.

The Swede and the Turk were arrested in Sarajevo on 19th October last year. Explosives, and videos allegedly documenting plans for terrorist attacks were seized in an apartment at the time.

A number of men with Islamist backgrounds were held in Denmark and Britain in connection with the investigation. The trial of the three men is expected to start in the coming few months.

TT/The Local