Left coalition back in front – perhaps

The latest poll of Swedish voters' intentions shows the ruling left wing coalition sneaking in front of the conservative alliance. But another survey has revealed that left wing supporters are less certain of their voting plans.

In the opinion poll by Demoskop, the Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Greens have a combined 48.8% support compared to 47.9% for the Alliance.

The ratings, published by TV4 and Expressen, show that the Left Party has made the greatest stride forward, increasing its support from 5.2% to 7.1%. The Greens have picked up more support too, climbing to 5.5%, while the Social Democrats have declined slightly, to 36.2%.

The Centre Party is the big loser, and if the election were held today the party would not even get into parliament. With only 3.6% support, it falls short of the 4% required for a party to be able to claim its parliamentary place.

The Christian Democrats are teetering too, on 4% support, while the Moderates and Liberals are almost unchanged, on 30.3% and 10.0% respectively.

With five months until the election, many voters are still unsure of which party will get their vote.

The Moderates have the most secure supporters, according to a poll by Synovate Temo published on Thursday in Dagens Nyheter. 89% of Moderate Party supporters are sure of their decision, while the same amount are certain that they will vote on the big day.

Social Democrat supporters are less sure. Indeed, 20% say that they are not sure if they will actually vote for their current favourites.

In total, 83% of the conservative bloc’s supporters are certain of their choice, compared to 77% of the left wing coalition’s supporters.

The results from the Demoskop poll (with % change on the previous month in brackets) are:

Social Democrats: 36.2% (-1.6%)

Left Party: 7.1% (+1.9%)

Green Party: 5.5% (+0.6%)

Moderates: 30.3% (+0.3%)

Liberals: 10.0% (+0.2%)

Centre Party: 3.6% (-1.2%)

Christian Democrats: 4.0% (-0.9%)