Grenade found in central Stockholm

A number of buildings were evacuated in central Stockholm on Friday after a grenade was found by some steps in the mainly residential Vasastan area of the city.

The 40 millimeter grenade was spotted behind a sand box by a passer-by.

“The grenade is judged to be live. We have therefore sealed off an area with a radius of fifty meters and are awaiting bomb disposal experts,” Kenneth Vikström of Stockholm police said on Friday evening.

Military experts ruled that the grenade needed to be moved, as it was judged to be unstable, and police bomb experts were called in. A number of buildings in the area were evacuated as the explosive was removed, with around 70 people forced to leave their homes.

The grenade was loaded into a bomb removal vehicle at around 11 pm, and was later destroyed in a controlled explosion. It was unknown on Friday evening how the shell had ended up in Vasastan.