Nine cyclists hit by motorist

Nine cyclists have been injured after they were hit by a car during a cycle race outside Uppsala.

The incident happened at around 11.30am on Saturday, according to police. Several ambulances were sent to the scene.

Three of those injured were taken to hospital with head injuries, said SOS Alarm.

An hour after the accident it was still unclear how serious their injuries were.

“We are working at the scene and the cyclists are being taken to the Akademiska hospital in Uppsala, said Magnus Rova, a spokesman for Uppsala police, to TT.

Two police units are now at the scene of the accident near Uppsala-Näs.

Head of Sport at the Swedish Cycling Association, Hans Falk, said that it was elite male cyclists who were taken to hospital.

“This was directly after the start, when they left Uppsala. They had only cycled for about ten kilometres,” said Falk.

Over 110 people are participating in the elite class of the Skandis race.

The race is a total of 200 kilometres for the elite cyclists and is the first competition in the Swedish cup.

“From what I’ve heard it was a motorist who drove out and several cyclists have been injured. One has broken an arm and another has lost teeth,” said Falk.