Most sex discrimination reported by men

In an about-turn for Swedish gender equality, the majority of reported incidents of sex discrimination now come from men, according to the country's equality ombudsman.

On July 1st last year, Sweden introduced an amendment to the law preventing discrimination on the grounds of gender. The change made it illegal to discriminate against men too.

Since then, the equality ombudsman, Jämo, has had 94 cases of discrimination reported – and 70% of those have come from men, according to Metro.

Hairdressers and taxis, for example, are no longer allowed to offer special rates for women, while many men have felt hard done by when they discover that they are not allowed into bars because they are too young, even though younger women are able to breeze past the doormen.

“Bars tend to use women as bait for men through having different age restrictions. But at the same time that means there are men who feel that they are discriminated against,” said Magnus Jakobsson, press officer at Jämo, to Metro.

However, very few of the incidents reported to Jämo have so far led to convictions. Many cases are dropped since the discrimination cannot be proven.

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