Bobby trial draws Sweden’s press to Eksjö

Sweden's press gathered in the sunshine outside Eksjö district court on Tuesday morning, the opening day of the trial of a woman for the murder of her ten year old son, Bobby, in Småland, earlier this year.

Her partner also stands accused of murder in a case which has shocked the Swedish public with revelations of torture and neglect before the boy’s death.

Inside the courtroom, local Eksjö residents jostled for the fourteen places set aside for members of the public.

The trial, which will open with statements from the prosecutor and both defence lawyers, will last seven days.

The prosecutor claims that the pair killed Bobby in the middle of January, at the man’s farm in the Nässjö area, after having subjected him to horrific maltreatment.

For several days they kept his body wrapped up in a barn before finally attempting to dispose of it in Lovsjön, a lake south of Jönköping.

The 30 year old mother and her 39 year old partner are charged with murder with an alternative charge of assault and manslaughter. They both deny the charges, despite the fact that much of the prosecutor’s case was built on statements from the mother.