Over 1,000 kronor per kilo for Swedish potatoes

The Italians may revere their truffles and the French may drool over a dollop of fois gras.

But let nobody say that there isn’t a touch of gastronomic extravagance about Swedes too. Would the Italians or the French pay 1,000 kronor (that’s around 80 dollars) for a kilo of potatoes?

That is the price of the year’s first Swedish outdoor spud crop, carefully cultivated as usual in Bjärehalvön, in Skåne.

A wholesaler in Helsingborg bought the entire crop – an exclusive 5 kilos – for 5,500 kronor.

Some of the potatoes have been delivered to a shop in Helsingborg which promised to give them away to its customers and then to donate an appropriate amount to children’s charity Bris.

The rest of the spuds have been sold to a restaurant in Stockholm.

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