Police killer facing international crimes charge

A Swede found guilty of murdering two police officers in the town of Malexander in 1999 could be tried in Sweden for crimes against international law, reported Dagens Nyheter.

According to prosecutor Lise Tamm there are just a few small details to be completed in the preliminary investigation into Arklöv’s activities in Bosnia in 1993. Then, before a prosecution can be brought against him, permission must be sought from the government since the crime in question was committed abroad.

In 1995 Arklöv was sentenced to 13 years in jail for war crimes. But he was released after a year as part of a prisoner exchange.

When Arklöv returned to Sweden in 1996 he was arrested again, but freed due to a lack of witness evidence.

But the investigation into the rare charge of crimes against international law was reopened in 2004 after a witness came forward with new evidence. Since then, a large number of witnesses have been interviewed by investigators.

Arklöv is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the notorious Malexander murders.

On 28th May 1999 he and two others stole 2.6 million kronor from a bank in Kisa, in Östergötland. Two policemen, Olle Borén and Robert Karlström, stopped the robbers on a main road in Malexander, 25 km from Kisa. But when they tried to arrest the three men, the officers were overpowered and shot dead with their own weapons.