Coach trip continues with dead pensioner on board

When 40 pensioners from southern Skåne were on their return coach journey from an art tour in Vienna, one of the participants, an 82 year old woman, died. But the tour leader and coach driver, mindful of their tight schedule, refused to stop.

The woman died as the bus neared the ferry terminal in Rostock in Germany, reported Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The 82 year old, who was travelling with her husband, had been feeling unwell and was sitting at the back of the bus. Another passenger noticed that she had stopped breathing.

“It became very silent,” said the passenger to the paper.

The driver and the tour guide were informed but decided to continue the journey. In Rostock many passengers took the opportunity to visit the tax free shop.

“It might sound cynical,” admitted the tour leader, who explained that there would have been so much bureaucracy and hanging about if they had handled the situation differently, and that they had not wanted to arrive back in Sweden late.

Only when they were on the ferry was SOS Alarm in Copenhagen alerted. The dead woman was taken into the care of ambulance staff on the Danish side.

Stefan Krüger, head of a police unit handling death cases, said that the tour leaders had not handled the matter appropriately.

“Purely from a sense of propriety a doctor or ambulance ought to have been called in Germany to determine whether she really was dead. How did they know for sure she was dead?” he said.