Stepfather questioned in Bobby trial

The 'Bobby trial' continues on Monday with the questioning of the 39 year old man accused of killing the ten year old boy in January of this year.

But before he gives his version of events, the lawyer for the man’s partner – the 30 year old mother of Bobby – has asked to call a new witness. Anders Berggren wants to question one of the two women who has previously been assaulted by the man, for which he was sentenced to three years in prison.

The lawyer’s request clashes with the tight timescale of the trial and if the woman is to appear in court then the process will last an extra day.

Berggren specifically wants to interview the woman about the stepfather’s relationship with children.

In two days of the trial so far the man has been forced to sit alone in a room listening to his partner blame him for Bobby’s death.

But he claims through his own defence lawyer that the woman’s version of what happened is largely fabricated.

She painted a picture for the court of the daily life at the little farm in Småland being punctuated by threats and violence.

The woman did not want her partner to be in the courtroom while she described the torture and humiliation of the boy, including forcing him to endure electric shocks from the fence of the sheep pen and sexual attacks with a vacuum cleaner.

The man denies the violence but refuses to reveal certain circumstances surrounding Bobby’s death.

The questioning of the man should have taken place on Thursday but delays mean that he was only able to explain how he met the woman and Bobby and how they ended up moving into his farm.

“It was like having my own son in the house,” he said.