Swedish workers ‘most satisfied’

People working in large companies in Sweden are likely to feel happier at work than their counterparts elsewhere in Europe.

Workers in large Latvian companies also enjoy greater satisfaction with their jobs, according to a report from the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

The opposite was true for people working in medium-sizes industrial companies in Greece and Portugal.

The report looks at the balance between working life and private life, and has asked 21,000 companies in most EU countries questions about their employees’ chances to get flexitime, family-related leave, to work part time and to scale back responsibilities prior to retirement.

The report’s conclusion is that employees in large Swedish and Latvian companies are likely to be more satisfied at work, be able to go on flexitime and be allowed to gradually reduce their burden of work before they retire.

Large companies and small companies were generally most flexible with regard to working time and time off from work.