Ohly demands minister post

The leader of Sweden’s Left Party is putting his foot down before national elections this September.

If the Left Party doesn’t get a ministerial post, Lars Ohly told Dagens Nyheter his party might not support a Social Democrat-led minority government.

In a recent interview with the newspaper, Ohly said a Social Democrat-led government without a minister from his party should prepare for a new election.

His attitude toward the government has clearly changed compared to a year ago. In a recent interview, Ohly toned down his ministerial ambitions.

“What’s important is not that we get a ministerial post, Ohly said to news agency TT. “We won’t speculate on that type of discussion.”

The Left Party leader spoke about the Green Party’s influence in an eventual coalition.

In principle, Ohly said he has nothing against building a government together with the Green Party, but said he doesn’t want the party to have too much influence on issues such as privatization, workers’ rights and unions’ rights.

Sweden’s Left Party had nearly eight percent of the nation’s vote during the 2002 elections.