Persson aide may sue over affair rumours

Lars Danielsson has said he is considering suing over allegations that he lied over his whereabouts on the day of the tsunami to cover up an affair with colleague Helen Eduards.

Danielsson, state secretary in the prime minister’s office and Göran Persson’s closest aide, writes in Friday’s Svenska Dagbladet that he spent 26th December 2004 at home with his family. But, he says, he visited the Rosenbad government offices twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon – and spoke with Persson on the phone.

He also repeats the information he gave to last year’s official enquiry, in which he said he had three phone conversations with the foreign ministry’s cabinet secretary Hans Dahlgren.

Danielsson writes that the scrutiny he has been placed under has hit both him and his family. He adds that he is considering which legal measures he can take as a private individual against the “libel” and “lies about me and people close to me”.