Sjödin trial to be held after election

The assault trial of the leader of the Social Democrat youth movement SSU will not take place until after the election, it has been announced.

Anna Sjödin is accused of assaulting bouncer Babak Jamei in the Crazy Horse bar in Stockholm on 28th January. The incident took place after Sjödin and her friend were asked to leave the bar.

The trial will be held on 27th September, ten days after the general election.

A spokeswoman for the court service told Dagens Nyheter that they would have liked to see the trial take place earlier. However, she said that Sjödin’s lawyer Leif Silbersky had been unable to make an earlier date.

The delay to the start of the trial is helpful to Sjödin, who will now be able to take part in the Social Democrats’ election campaign. The party will also escape the unhelpful publicity of a trial in the run up to polling day.