X is no name for a baby boy

The letter X is not appropriate as a first name for a baby boy, a court in Stockholm has decided.

The decision by the administrative court of appeal overrules a lower court judgement which allowed a couple to name their son X.

According to the Point Lex news service, the parents wanted their one year old boy to have X as his first name, followed by two more usual names. The mother is adopted from Columbia and claimed that X is a family name in her country of birth.

The Swedish Tax Board brought the initial case against the parents, but the lower administrative court found that since several people have the names A, B, C, D or E, there was not reason to prevent X being added to the list.

However, the administrative court of appeal said that single letters should not be used as names. It pointed out that this particularly applied in the case of X, which is often used when the name is unknown.

The Swedish Tax Board is known for its rigidity as far as names are concerned. Nevertheless, last year it accepted an application to name a baby boy ‘Google’.