Everest Swede found dead

Swedish adventurer Tomas Olsson, who went missing after an accident on Mount Everest, has been found dead, his father Lars Olsson has told TT.

Olsson went missing on Tuesday after tumbling from a cliff at some 8,500 metres (28,000 feet), as he and fellow adventurer Tormod Granheim of Norway were making their descent.

The two had begun an expedition on March 29 to try to be the first to ski down the north face, the most difficult, of the world’s tallest mountain.

After training for weeks at a base camp at 6,400 meters they had mounted to the summit, at 8,850 metres.

The 30-year-old Olsson was thought to have initially fallen on Tuesday some 10 metres after his rope detached from the ice, and then continued to fall an unknown distance.

He was found dead by a search and rescue team sent out Saturday.

Olsson had trained in the French Alps and had already skied down several of the world’s most challenging summits, including Aconcagua in Argentina, which rises 6,960 metres and Cho Oyo in Tibet, at 8,200 metres.

In an interview late last year with AFP, Olsson had rated his chances at succeeding in the Everest endeavor as slim.

“The chances that I will succeed in making it to the summit are 50-50, and of my making a descent without stopping, one in 10,” he had said.