Fifth spot in Eurovision for Carola

Sweden failed to live up to the billing as favourites in Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest Final, coming in fifth place.

With her song ‘Invincible’, Carola proved to be increasingly vincible as the scores came in.

Horror-rockers Lordi from Finland gave the country their first ever victory in the competition with their song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. Russia were a distant second while Bosnia-Herzegovinia surprised pundits by coming third.

Carola, who, along with the Greek entry, was the favourite to win the contest, gave her all in her third appearance at Eurovision and her fifth placing means that Sweden will not have to endure the stress of a semi-final next year.

Finland’s Lordi turned the whole contest on its head. Beforehand, more traditional Finns had apologised for their representatives, who ended up being the oddest victors in Eurovision history.

But their triumph was never in doubt from the moment the voting began. The band got off the mark quickly and had already secured victory with three countries still to dish up their points.

Lordi racked up 292 points, compared to 248 for Russia.

Lordi debuted in Finland in 2002 with the album ‘Get Heavy’, and have since released a further two albums. The band members are always clad in their grotesque costumes and they have never revealed publicly what they really look like.