Zlatan: I have nothing to hide

Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said he is not worried about corruption investigations into his club Juventus, despite a police raid at his apartment in Turin last Thursday.

Currently at the Swedish national team’s World Cup training camp in Visby, Zlatan was keeping his cool on Monday over the accusations of match fixing, referee corruption and tax evasion levelled against Juventus.

“I know that I have nothing to hide and that this is how the justice system works,” the footballer told the Swedish team’s website.

“They have said that they do not suspect me of anything, so I feel secure.”

But Zlatan admitted that the raid was unwelcome.

“It was not at all dramatic but naturally it’s something you could do without. It is my private home they’re going in to,” he said.

The star has promised that the drama unfolding in Turin will not affect his performance for Sweden in the World Cup.

“I left what happened last week last week when I came to Sweden. It’s nothing I can do anything about and I’m not going to make any comments other than these. What has happened has happened, and now it’s the World Cup that matters.”