Strollers banned from Swedish stairwells

Baby strollers and wagons are no longer allowed to be kept in stairwells because they pose a fire hazard, a Swedish court ruled on Monday.

The court of appeal said tenant-owners’ associations can instead be forced to build new storage space.

The Stockholm fire department argued that baby strollers complicate or prevent the escape from a building during a fire.

“We are happy,” said Lars Thidevall, a fire inspector, to TT. “This is a clarification.”

The tenant-owner’s association that lost the case was urged to look for another space.

According to the law regarding accident prevention, no combustible items may be kept in stairways since they could complicate or prevent an escape from a building if it begins to burn.

The court has now made it clear that strollers fit this category and must be prohibited. Thidevall said bundles of papers and bicycles are also fire dangers.

The case will not be appealed.