Munch picture stolen in southern Sweden

Police in southern Sweden are on the lookout for a picture by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch that was stolen Tuesday night.

The graphic print was taken from the Sextorps estate outside of Hörby in Skåne.

With the help of Oslo’s Munch Museum, police identified the stolen piece as a woodcut entitled “Towards the Forest II”, from 1915.

Police issued the alarm and gave a description of the piece and are hoping police and customs will keep an eye out for the painting.

“It is white with a black person against a green flaming background,” said Håkan Nilsson, police spokesman in Lund. “The picture is signed by Edvard Munch.”

The picture is estimated to be valued at nearly 1 million kronor, said TT. No other items are thought to have been stolen.

The manor is used as a summer home and was empty when one or more thieves went in through the front door. The alarm went off just after 11:30 pm.

Police arrived at the house shortly after and inspected several cars in the area with no success. Police are continuing their investigation today.