Court escapee ‘could have been kidnapped’

Prosecutors in Västerås launched their case on Friday against three people arrested for drug possession and drug dealing. One small problem – one of the suspects was kidnapped from the courtroom an earlier hearing, police said Friday.

Two weeks ago, two armed masked men stormed into the Västerås district court and whisked the 52-year-old man away by car. Now, police believe the suspected head of a narcotics ring was actually kidnapped.

“We have a witness who says he looked anxious when he stood outside of the car,” said Ulf Palm, police spokesman. “The masked men hit the car roof to emphasize that he should hurry up.”

When the 52 year old was arrested in Stockholm in March, they found 18 kilograms of amphetamine in a box in his car.

“It is normal that you pay after delivery,” said Palm.

One of the police’s theories is that he was kidnapped in order to get back the money. The 46-year-old man and 39-year-old woman arrested along with the missing man are still in custody.

“They will certainly blame him now,” Palm said.