Cyclists run over by 92-year old

A 92-year-old man ran over seven cyclists near Lake Vänern early Friday morning and then drove away from the accident.

The bikers, riding in the “Vänern runt” bicycle competition, near Kräcklinge on road 564, were lightly injured. Two were taken to hospital in Örebro with minor wounds.

“A group of seven cyclists was run over. The car disappeared from the scene,” said Lotta Lindblad, spokeswoman for Örebro police.

Two of the cyclists were taken by ambulance to Örebro University Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Police found the car and its 92-year old driver shortly after the accident in his home village of Fjugesta, just outside Örebro.

“His driver’s license was taken immediately,” said Lotta Lindblad, spokeswoman for Örebro police. The man is suspected of careless driving. The exact cause of the accident is unclear.

The Vänern runt race started Friday morning and ends Sunday.