Thirteen year old girl raped and murdered

Two 13 year old girls were raped and stabbed in an apartment in Västerhaninge, south of Stockholm, overnight. One of the girls has died following the attack.

A six year old child was also found in the apartment, and has been taken into care by the social services. A man has been arrested.

“We have still not been able to hold an interview with him,” said Pierre Voltaire at Handen police.

The suspected attacker is a 26 year old who was previously known to police.

“We consider him to be a violent person,” said Mats Nylén, the information officer at Södertorn police, to TT.

The man is now suspected of murder, attempted murder and rape or attempted rape, according to Nylén.

Police were alerted to the incident just before three o’clock on Saturday morning. The girl who survived is said to have escaped from the apartment and raised the alarm.

The man, the dead girl and the six year old were found in the apartment.

“The two 13 year olds have been raped. They have been stabbed and one of them is dead. The other is in hospital,” said Pierre Voltaire.

The dead girl’s identity has still not been confirmed but police believe they know who she is. The wounded girl’s parents have been informed. She was stabbed several times and is being treated at the Astrid Lindgren children’s hospital in Solna.

Police have not yet established the relationship between the children and the suspected killer.

“There is in any case some form of relationship between some of those involved, but I can’t say at the moment whether they are relatives or not,” said Nylén.