Greens could work with Moderates

The Green Party decided on Sunday at its congress in Borås not to exclude working together with of the parties currently in the Riksdag, including the Moderate Party.

The decision reached by a vote of 64 to 62, after a hard debate, was a setback for the Green Party leaders who have been working towards a more formal coalition with the Social Democrats, whom they currently work in partnership with.

The congress also gave the Party spokesman and leaders free hands to take position regarding which party or bloc the Green’s will support before elections in September.

Peter Eriksson, Green Party spokesman, said the decision doesn’t have any meaning in practice.

“The Swedish people don’t need to doubt,” he said. “The Moderates stand a long way from us.”

One congress delegate said it was unwise of the party to bind itself to the Social Democrats at this stage.

“The Social Democrats will be more stressed if they don’t know who we partner with,” said Stefan Nilsson.