Bike helmets to be compulsory

Nearly twice as many children wear bicycle helmets since a new law went into effect last year, Dagens Nyheter has reported.

Sweden’s infrastructure minister, Ulrica Messing, is now pushing a helmet law for all bikers, not just those under 15 years old who were affected by last year’s decision.

According to The National Road Administration (Vägverket), some 38 cyclists died in traffic last year – only two of them were children.

Half of those who died were over 65 years old. The Administration believes a helmet law for adults would halve the total number of deaths.

But other measures are needed for cyclists, said Thomas Lekander, spokesman at the National Road Administration, adding that you can’t halve the number of deaths with just a helmet law.

You need still better, expanded bike paths and better separated traffic, he said.

“Research shows that legislation is the only tool to increase helmet use,” Lekander said.

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