HDTV slow to arrive in Sweden

The World Cup Finals are just around the corner and there are still no high definition-ready digital boxes to go along with that new, expensive plasma or LCD TV sitting on your living room wall.

Sweden’s SVT and TV 4 are set to show the games in HDTV, but few have the needed digital box that can read the new signal.

“I think many will be disappointed”, said Ulf Sillin, a consultant for an information service dealing with digital TV.

To be able to see HDTV pictures, a television needs a HD-ready digital box that is able to read the uniquely encoded signal – a device that has yet to reach Sweden.

SVT said the boxes are on their way – but to get in line.

Håkan Öster, the station’s technical director, said the much-sought-after devices are on their way from the manufacturer in France. Öster said to sign up fast with a distributor because there is a waiting list.

Öster said the boxes will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.