Killer giggles over Australian’s murder

A father of two who has admitted killing his Australian partner and dismembering her body giggled as he told a Stockholm court on Wednesday about the murder.

The man, whom The Local is referring to only as Janne in accordance with the Swedish press code, said he killed his partner after she said that she was moving to Finland with their two children.

“She woke me and said that she was taking the children to Finland. We talked in the kitchen and then she went to bed,” he told the court, according to Expressen.

“I sat there and tried to work out a good way to stop her moving to Finland. It was then that I decided to kill her,” he said.

“I hit her on the head with a frying pan, and then she cried out ‘you’re trying to kill me’. I then stabbed her with the knife. I then lay on her till she stopped breathing.”

He then chopped up her body with an electric saw he bought from Lidl and dumped her remains in a lake near Södertälje, south of Stockholm.

He said that the frying pan was the least painful way he could think of to kill her. He giggled to himself as he related this to the court.

He said that his greatest regret was that she regained consciousness shortly after he knocked her over the head with the frying pan, and “experienced the fear of me putting the knife in her.”

“I still love her, but I love the children more,” he said.

Asked whether the children were awake when he killed their mother, he said that they were not. “I would remember [if they were]”, he said.

Describing his feelings over the killing, he said he felt like a “failed suicide bomber who survived an attack.

“What I did was absolutely right, I regret nothing, but I am sorry that it failed.”

Cecilia Cassmer, prosecuting, had earlier opened the case by presenting forensic evidence. She referred to blood stains in the hall and on the balcony. She demanded that Janne face life imprisonment for murder. Janne’s lawyer, Tomas Rothpfeffer, argued that he should get a time-limited sentence or be convicted of the lesser crime of manslaughter.

The case has caused shock both in Sweden and in the victim’s home city of Canberra, Australia, where woman’s killing has been widely reported. Her father had travelled from Australia to hear Janne’s testimony.