TV4 sues O’Learys over World Cup games

Swedish television company TV4 is to sue pub chain O'Learys after it was announced that a number of bars would be showing World Cup games on big screens without authorization from the TV channel.

“It is illegal for them to show the football World Cup without us coming to an agreement. If they do it anyway we will be forced to take legal action,” said TV4’s communications director Göran Ellung.

O’Leary’s operates 42 ‘American-style’ sports bars across Sweden, of which only two have signed agreements with TV4 to show the games.

“We naturally want everyone to be able to see the football World Cup and have therefore set the cost for a bar to show it relatively low,” Ellung said.

“It is very strange that a company that otherwise always pays for this kind of right has suddenly refused to pay for the rights to show the most popular sporting event of all,” he continued.

The Local tried unsuccessfully to contact O’Learys for a comment.