File sharing site reopens

File sharing site The Pirate Bay, which was closed down following Wednesday's raid by the Swedish police, opened again on Saturday morning under a different name: The Police Bay.

The site’s performance was still patchy at lunchtime on Saturday, despite being run from new servers in Holland after all the Swedish equipment was confiscated.

The raid, which was carried out at hosting companies in Stockholm, Västmanland and Västra Götaland targeted one of the world’s largest sites for sharing music, games and computer programmes.

It was prompted by a complaint to police from Antipiratbyrån, which represents the Swedish film and music industries’ copyright interests.

An investigation against The Pirate Bay has been ongoing for months.

“We believe that we will be found not guilty,” said Fredrik Neij, one of those running The Pirate Bay, to Expressen.

“We are going to continue until the verdict comes.”