One in five police stations to shut for summer holiday

This summer some 20 percent of all police stations in Sweden will be closed - but The National Police Board says citizens should not be worried.

“It is only the receptions that are closing,” said Linda Widmark, police spokeswoman.

“In some cases, police will coordinate with other stations, but the police will still be active in the field. There are actually more police working this year than in previous years.”

Widmark said only about 60 stations located in less-populated areas would be affected by the summer closures, and added that some areas which see an increase in people during the summer months, such as Dalarna, might have additional officers working.

“It all depends on the local needs,” she said. “It is very routine.”

“Police go on vacation just like everybody else,” she said. “People who need to contact the police can still call or reach us using the Internet.”