Bobby’s mother attends funeral

A major police presence was in evidence when the woman accused of murdering her ten-year old son Bobby was present at his funeral on Wednesday.

Police had posted a large number of officers to the scene, saying there was a potential danger to Bobby’s mother.

The woman arrived at Ödsmål church, near Stenungsund, south of Gothenburg, at 11.10 on Wednesday morning. She had been driven to the church in a normal car, and not a prison van. She was let in through a side door, away from photographers.

Some 7,000 of the 30,000 roses sent by members of the public in tribute to the boy were used to decorate the church. They were placed on window ledges and below the altar screen, and were put around Bobby’s coffin.

The service was led by Gothenburg priest Björn Larsson.

“He was curate here in Ödsmål for several years, and baptised Bobby,” said vicar Lars Hjort.

“This was Bobby’s church,” he said.

Bobby is being buried at nearby Norum church, where Bobby was a parishoner.

Hjort said that the media interest in the case made it hard to comfort the bereaved.

“They must be able to say their farewells in as normal a way as possible, even if the circumstances are unusual. At the same time, we need to take account of the fact that public interest in this is so great,” he said.

When the service was over, Bobby’s mother waited inside the church until the other mourners had left for the burial. She was then escorted from the same side door through which she had entered.

Wearing a long, black dress and a black necklace, she looked very downcast as she walked to the car surrounded by prison guards, to be taken to the burial.

Around thirty guests gathered by the graveside, with uniformed police keeping guard a short distance away.

Lars Hjort said a few words, and then hugged Bobby’s mother. Then, while the other mourners remained by the grave, she followed the prison guards to the waiting car, to be taken back to jail.

She and her partner are charged with causing Bobby’s death in January. The verdict in the case is expected on Friday.