Swedes wait for billions in tax refunds

Over 1.8 million Swedes will soon have a nice pre-Midsummer bonus in their bank accounts.

The Swedish tax authority, Skatteverket, reported on Wednesday that 1.8 million of the 2.6 million taxpayers who declared via Internet, SMS, or telephone this year will receive their portion of 9.6 billion kronor in tax refunds.

“Those who have a tax refund and filled in all of the paperwork to get the money back before Midsummer should have the money in their account by the end of this week,” Skatteverket said in a release.

The others will have to wait for a decision until later this year.

“About 5,700 taxpayers won’t get their money before Midsummer, despite having declared via Internet, SMS, or telephone. That is due to them being taken out for review and this has not been completed,” the tax agency said.

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