‘Terror Swede’ extradition moves closer

The extradition of Swedish terror suspect Oussama Kassir moved closer on Tuesday after the State Attorney's office in Prague said it agreed with the move to hand him over to the American authorities.

The State Attorney proposed to Prague City Court that the extradition be approved, according to Czech news agency CTK.

Kassir, 40, was arrested on an international arrest warrant last December. He is accused of conspiring to set up a terrorist camp in Oregon at which Muslims interested in fighting in Afghanistan were allegedly offered training.

The charges he faces include conspiracy aimed at providing material support to terrorists, which carries a jail sentence of 15 years.

Kassir was detained at Prague airport in December, while on a stopover on his way from Stockholm to Beirut, where he said he planned to visit family.

The suspect has accused the FBI of fabricating the case against him, which he has called politically motivated.

Prague City Court will now rule on whether the extradition can go ahead, although the final decision is in the hands of the Czech Republic’s justice minister, CTK reports.