Bobby’s mother gets ten years

The mother and partner of 10-year-old Bobby, the boy who was beaten to death earlier this year on the west coast of Sweden, have been convicted of assault and manslaughter.

Both the mother and her partner have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The court rejected the prosecution’s request that the couple be convicted of murder, saying the mother and her partner had been equally responsible for Bobby’s wellbeing and had exposed him to a series of cruel assaults.

The court, in its decision Friday, said the mother was as guilty as her partner in the previous beatings Bobby received and deserved the same sentence as the man.

“It would be going too far to say that they were indifferent to whether he died of the assaults that they exposed him to, or, to use a more everyday expression, that they didn’t care if he lived or died,” the court said in its verdict. “The indictment of murder therefore cannot be approved.”

Much of the prosecution was built on information the mother gave police. She testified during the trial that she was present during several of the assaults against her son, but only because she was forced to be there. She said she couldn’t say no to the man and couldn’t manage to take her son and flee from him.

The court ruled in its decision that she was guilty of the same crimes as the man, and therefore did not deserve a lesser punishment.

According to the boy’s autopsy, Bobby died of choking, after his stomach contents ended up in his lungs.