Secrecy over Malmö terror operation

Swedish prosecutor Agneta Hilding-Qvarnström said on Friday that people detained by police Thursday in the southwest town of Malmö were not “arrested”. She also refused to confirm reports that action had been taken on behalf of Britain.

“No, there have not been any arrests, to arrest is a step taken by the legal system – nobody has been arrested,” Hilding-Qvarnström said.

But, she said, “steps have been taken” against the people due to the request for help from “another country”.

Four people have been allotted public defenders. The lawyers are forbidden from giving any information about their clients.

She did not comment further on the topic.

“I am not going to say anything,” said Hilding-Qvarnström. “I am not in charge of this. It is another country that has requested help.”

The newspaper Sydsvenskan reported on Friday that Swedish and British police detained several people in Malmö on Thursday morning for suspected terror crimes.

Malmö’s district court is not using the detainees’ names, and is simply using the letters A, B, C and D. It is not know for what they are being detained.

The Swedish justice system allows police to question people on suspicion of crimes without actually arresting them.

Neither the Swedish Security Police, Säpo, nor Skåne police would comment on the investigation, referring queries to the prosecutor.

Sydsvenskan also reported that Thursday’s raid was linked to the detainment of a 28-year-old Swedish man in Gothenburg two weeks ago who was also suspected of terror crimes.