Tools on sale in Sweden could cause cancer

Electrical tools on sale in Swedish DIY superstores could contain high levels of a carcinogenic substance.

Despite the fact that the handles of certain tools were found to contain a dangerous amount of benzopyrene two months ago, Swedish Bauhaus stores have still not removed them from their shelves, according to Saturday’s Dagens Nyheter.

The rubber handles on a hammer drill and a sanding machine were found to contain 670 micrograms of Benzopyrene per kilo. The safety limit set for car tyres is 1 microgram of Benzopyrene per kilo.

Benzopyrene is known to cause several kinds of cancer, including skin cancer.

“When I first heard about these levels I was convinced that there was something wrong with the figures – but there wasn’t,” said Sten Flodström, a toxicologist at the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate, to DN.