Swedes more confident in the government

Public confidence in the government is increasing, while faith in the opposition alliance parties is declining, according to the latest research into Swedish voters' rating of the political blocs by pollsters Skop.

Skop use a measurement known as the ‘confidence balance’ to rate the relative credibilities of the government and opposition. In May this was +7, meaning that there are 7 percent more people who think that the government is doing a good job than those who think it is doing a poor job.

This represents the highest degree of confidence in the government since October 2004.

Indeed, 42 percent of those questioned said that they think the government is doing a very good job or a fairly good job.

Over a third, 35 percent, believe that the government is doing a very bad job or a fairly bad job. 33 percent said that a government made up of the opposition parties would perform better, while 28 percent said that they would fare worse.

Skop interviewed around 1,200 people aged 18-84, between May 13th and May 30th.