Failed students ‘milking adult education’

With nearly a quarter of adults who take part in Sweden’s Komvux municipal adult education system failing, some education experts say the government is being milked for financial support.

During the past three years, the number of students failing to pass core subjects such as English, maths, and Swedish has shot up from nearly 10 percent in 2002 to about 25 percent last year, reported Svenska Dagbladet.

The trend is the same all around the country. More are failing while fewer are passing with distinction. Grading criteria have not changed, nor has the material. Some think the weak results are due, in part, to students using the Komvux system to receive financial support.

“You register yourself with classes you have already read and then don’t put any effort into it,” said Sven Sundin of The National Agency for Education in Sweden. “How much student support those studying get from CSN (the national agency managing student financial aid) depends on the number of classes you register with.

Björn Liwendahl, who works with Komvux in Stockholm, said some students don’t have time to finish their classes which lowers the graduation rate, but agreed financial support is too high in some situations.

He said a more thorough internal investigation would be carried out later in the year.