Feminist “was entitled to sick pay”

A senior founding member of the Feminist Initiative (FI) who was active in starting the political party while on state-funded sick leave has been told she did nothing wrong.

Susanne Linde was receiving sick benefits corresponding to 75 percent of her full-time salary when she got involved in starting FI. Linde was roundly criticised in the media when the story broke.

Her local social insurance office in Arboga, central Sweden, reduced her benefits to correspond with 50 percent of a full-time salary after it was revealed that she was working with the party.

Linde argued that the social insurance office knew she was politically involved and had approved her work as part of her rehabilitation program.

The district administrative court passed a ruling on Monday agreeing with Linde, saying she was entitled to 75 percent sick benefits. Linde is no longer a member of the FI board.