Royals spent 12 million on entertaining

Sweden's royal family spent nearly 12 million kronor on travel and official entertaining in 2005, according to the royal court's annual report, released on Monday.

The report also detailed the royals’ public engagements, highlighting their efforts following the South Asian tsunami and the storms that devastated large parts of southern Sweden in 2005.

Of the 95.6 million kronor that Swedish taxpayers spent on the royals in 2005, most went to the upkeep of the royal castles and palaces, which are largely run as museums. The remainder went towards official and personal costs of the royal family.

New rules passed by parliament last year mean that the royal family is now required to give more detail on how it spends its money.

Among the details released in Monday’s report was that 11.6 million kronor went to the Office of the Marshal of the Court, which organizes official entertainment and travel. Some 13.6 million went to the Office of the Marshal of the Realm, which provides overall leadership to the royal court.

The Queen’s Household spent 10.2 million kronor, which included costs for official entertaining at Drottningholm Palace. The Crown Princess’s Household spent 2.9 million kronor, most of which went to staff wages.

10.2 million kronor was spent on the Royal Mews, money that was partly used for transporting the royal family on ceremonial occasions.

The royal court employed some 200 permanent staff in 2005, evenly divided between men and women.

During the past year the King has met 23 foreign ambassadors, held three banquets as well as various gala dinners and lunches in addition to the Nobel Prize banquet, always the pinnacle of the royal year.

Photo: Henrik Montgomery/ Copyright: Pressens bild/