Armed man surrenders to police

An armed man gave himself up to police at his house near Ronneby, southern Sweden, early on Tuesday morning after a short stand-off.

Police were alerted at 11pm on Monday by a young girl who said that the man was in the house with her mother, and that he had a gun.

After police spoke by telephone to the mother, she left the house with her three children. She had been assaulted, but was not seriously injured. She said that the man had not threatened her and that he was probably asleep in the house.

The man emerged from the house at 3am and was arrested without incident.

“Once the negotiators were there and all the preparations had been made it didn’t take more than 15 minutes of persuasion and pressure before he gave up and came out,” said Mattias Lundgren of Blekinge Police.

A sawn-off shotgun was found in the house. The man is suspected of assault and illegal possession of a weapon.

The arrested man had formerly had a relationship to the assaulted woman, and lives in the house. He is known to police as having a history of violent crime.