‘Demolish Barsebäck’ – radiation agency

The Swedish Radiation Protection Agency (SSI) says it is risky to wait 15 years to demolish Barsebäck, the nuclear power plant in southwest Sweden, which was completely shut down in 2005.

But its owner, Barsebäck Kraft – owned jointly by Sweden’s Vattenfall and Germany’s Eon – wants to wait until there is new storage available for the radioactive waste that remains at the plant.

Such storage would not be ready before 2020 and to build temporary storage would be too expensive, the energy company said.

SSI maintains there already is enough storage capacity at the nuclear plant in Forsmark, north of Stockholm, Sydsvenskan reported. The Agency says it is too dangerous to wait because the personnel that are familiar with the work will leave and their competency will be lost.

Sweden’s environmental court will make its decision after negotiations that began Wednesday.

The district of Kävlinge, where Barsebäck is located, wants the plant demolished as soon as possible. The area, close to the Öresund strait between Denmark and Sweden, is seen as attractive real estate by local politicians.

“It’s no fun to have a shut-down nuclear power plant on the district’s most attractive property,” said Roland Palmqvist, Kävlinge spokesman.