Boy dies in school bus crash

A nine-year old boy has died after a school bus crashed with a truck in southern Sweden on Tuesday, according to to local officials in the Laholm district of Halland.

The bus crashed happened in Våxtorp, about sixty kilometres north of Helsingborg.

The dead boy was one of twelve children on the bus, which was taking them home from school. He was being dropped off when the accident happened, and appears to have already stepped off the bus when the truck crashed into it, according to Lars Ingemarson, spokesman for Laholm municipality.

None of the other children were physically injured. The truck driver was taken to hospital. It is not yet known whether police have been able to question the truck driver, who is in shock.

The accident happened just before 2pm on Tuesday on highway 24, south-west of Våxtorp. Emergency services described the scene as chaotic when they arrived there shortly afterwards.

The children in the bus attend Våxtorp school, which educates pupils aged between 6 and 16, according to Ingermarson.

“They have now been taken in another bus to meet the municipality’s crisis management group,” said Laholm fire brigade’s Hans Ekberg.

The local parish priest has also gone to the school to provide support.

It emerged at a press conference held at Laholm town hall that all children on the bus were wearing seatbelts.

Both the truck and the bus were traveling in a southerly direction. Most of the children were sitting at the front of the bus, which skidded for around 25 metres into a field before coming to a stop.

Emergency services reported that the situation on the bus was calm when they arrived and the children understood what had happened.