Persson marries education minister

Sweden's education minister Ibrahim Baylan married his long-standing partner on Tuesday night - in a secret ceremony presided over by prime minister Göran Persson.

Baylan, 34, married Anna Nilsson, 28, in Piteå during a government trip to Norrland. The ceremony was only attended by a few friends and close family, reported TV4.

The education minister and his partner met at university in Umeå, and still live in the city. They are expecting a child in the summer. Baylan told TV4 that it was “a very beautiful ceremony”. The prime minister said some kind words about the marriage, he added.

This is not the first time that Persson has played priest at the wedding of one of his ministers – he previously officiated at the nuptials of former industry minister Björn Rosengren.

Civil weddings in Sweden can be carried out by judges or by people with special permission from the county administrative board. The prime minister does not have the automatic right to preside at weddings, but Persson applied for a license to officiate prior to Rosengren’s wedding.