Men convicted of Livets Ord terror plan

Two young men were convicted on Wednesday of planning an attack on the evangelical Word of Life (Livets Ord) church in Uppsala.

Stockholm district court sentenced one of the men to three years and six months imprisonment and the other to two years.

A third man was jailed for eight months for planning an unspecified attack together with the other two.

The three were convicted of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, among other offences.

Livets Ord is a powerful Swedish Christian evanglical movement, which among other things operates large schemes to encourage Russian Jews to move to Israel. Its church in Uppsala has the largest capacity of any house of worship in Europe.

The two men convicted of the Livets Ord conspiracy, ages 25 and 22, were also convicted of attempting an act of terror when they last December threw Molotov cocktails at an Iraqi polling place in Kista, Stockholm.

The court reasoned that the attack aimed “to instil serious fear among the Swedish people and not only among Iraqi voters in Sweden and among Livets Ord followers.”

The court also said that if the attacks had achieved their aims, they would have caused serious harm to Sweden.

It is a fundamental interest of a democratic state that a parliamentary election can be carried out without disturbance and in a secure manner, the court said.