Political blocs neck and neck

Sweden's two political blocks are running neck and neck in the lead up to September's election, according to a poll published on Thursday.

State-run Statistics Sweden’s survey showed that the centre-right Alliance parties would win between 47.7 and 50 percent of votes if the election were held today. The ruling left-wing bloc would have the support of between 46.7 and 49.1 percent.

The gap between the Alliance and the left-wing bloc is within the margin of error, according to Statistics Sweden. The same was true in the last poll, conducted in November. The gap between the two blocs has never been as small in the May prior to a September election.

The Christian Democrats saw the biggest rise in support, up 1 percentage point. The minor parties currently not in the Riksdag saw their share of the vote fall 2.2 percent to 3.3 percent. Eurosceptic party Junilistan saw support fall, and now has 0.8 percent support. Feminist Initiative and the Sweden Democrats also have 0.8 percent support.

The pollsters interviewed a random sample of 9,331 people, of which 17.3 percent did not answer. The poll was carried out between 2nd and 30th May. People were asked the question: “Which party would you vote for if there was a general election in the next few days?”.