British rock star held by Swedish police

After a much-delayed concert at the Hultsfred rock festival on Friday night, Pete Doherty, the lead singer of the band Babyshambles, was taken into Swedish police custody.

“He showed signs that he was under the influence of drugs,” said Kalmar police spokesman Ulf Karlsson, early on Saturday morning.

“We have taken samples and if they test positive then he will be fined.”

After weeks of speculation over whether the troubled singer, a scandalmonger of the highest accomplishment, and his band would actually show up at the Swedish festival, they eventually went on stage at 2.30am. Transport problems were blamed for the delay.

The performance itself was reported to be chaotic, as the band flung their instruments and microphones out into the crowd.

“But this time it wasn’t the public that started the trouble,” said Ulf Karlsson.

Doherty rose to front page notoriety in 2005, when his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss brought to the tabloids’ attention his struggles to overcome an addiction to crack cocaine and heroine.