Boy crashes as he hunts for a burger

A four-year old boy in the Swedish town of Landskrona crashed his father's car when he tried to drive off in search of a burger.

Smainol Smaic and his four-year-old son Suljo were about to head off to McDonald’s for a quick bite on Monday night, when he thought he would just run behind the house to toss some trash. When he came back around, his son, Suljo, had crashed the car into three others.

“I was going to go to McDonald’s,” said the boy to Aftonbladet.

The dad said he thought the car keys were in his pocket, and was scared when he saw the car 30 meters away, smashed into other vehicles with his son behind the wheel. Nobody was injured in the accident.

The boy used the keys to start the car and stood on the pedals to reach them.

“He likes to do things like his dad,” Smaic said.